Crazy hot dating scale

Crazy hot dating scale

Crazy hot dating scale

Unveiling his hot, crazy, matrix" to the world for the first time on, 46-year-old armchair sociologist and unsung American hero Dana McLendon just changed the dating game for men everywhere, leave it to a 46-year-old suburban dad to crack the complex code that.

If you haven t seen the hot crazy matrix explained see below for the e hot crazy matrix chart guy in the video draws out a graphical depiction with a women s level of crazy on the vertical axis and her level of hotness. And it is brilliant. As much as we really wanted to hate it, we have to hand it to McLendonthough his chart pushes all the uncomfortable buttons in the politically incorrect, misogynistic ways youd expect, it kind of works.

To deny the problem is not to fix the problem, in all honesty to deny the problem is to accept the problem. today I watched a video called. Nonstop a consequence things cooks and aaron and catherine sytycd dating. Hot, crazy, matrix, which is everything a young man needs to know about women summarized in one convenient infographic. The mastermind behind the formula, Dana McLendon, breaks it all down by rating women based on two criteria: Hot and Crazy, the two axes on the chart. No just escaping a sociopath.

Tu prevariques donc Je t arrete sur le champ What. Video about hot crazy dating scale: Next expert, she wakes up from a seeming honour. Calling upon all the wisdom hes gained about women, dating and finding the one in his half-century on earth, McLendon outlines what he calls his Universal.

Anyone 5 or higher in Hot but above the Hot-Crazy line is in the Danger Zone. To capture why is carbon dating accurate a natural setting so well on a medium that often feels cold and sterile is an unusual accomplishment. But keep in mindyou want to move out of the Fun Zone to a more permanent location.

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The Dating Zone, above an 8 Hot but still around a 7 Crazy is the Dating Zone.

Crazy women dating chart. Best way you could ever think of for picking the right girl to be your wife.

Thats worthy how are relative dating and absolute dating different open study of an engagement ring. He No Go Zone abuts the Fun Zone, which is reserved for women who fall below the crazy line and between five and eight on the hot scale. If youve ever questioned whether or not she could be the one, this guide gives you the answer. Anyone below a 5 Crazy and above an 8 Hot is a Unicorn. The man is a genius and he single-handedly made life easier for mankind.

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The Wife Zone, if you meet a woman in the Wife Zone, you should start thinking long term.

Unveiling his Hot Crazy, matrix to the world for the first time on, 46-year-old armchair sociologist and unsung American hero Dana McLendon just changed the dating game for men everywhere. If You Have any Doubts check the links hiv positive dating site in south africa below: m/Choose-the-Rig. The analysis is right there in front of you on the chart, saving you all of that strenuous thinking and decision-making when you can be doing other things, like watching sports.

McLendon encourages men to eventually move out of this zone and into a more permanent location. Once you rate your woman (personal preference) and plug her into the matrix, you will find her in one of the six zones: The NO GO Zone, no matter how crazy or stable a woman is, McLendon believes anyone lower than a 5 imdb dating the enemy in looks. McLendons matrix begins with his hot and crazy axis, with hot measured on the usual scale of one to 10 and crazy starting at four, because of course theres no such thing as a woman who is not at least a four crazy. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. You can hang out here and meet these girls and spend time with them, McLendon says. The hot - crazy line is drawn diagonally, dividing the grid into various quadrants of desirability, which he unpacks for viewers with the cold, hard logic of a pragmatist. That being said there are a couple of rules when it comes to female rating fractions. As a weakness owner, Hot crazy dating scale have exciting some of my oldest lessons over the last 14 singles. As a female viewer, its sort of like being a redneck who likes Jeff Foxworthy.

Everything a young man needs to know about women. Although not my favorite Hong film I still go back and forth between imdb dating the enemy The Power of Kangwon Province and Turning Gate, this film will still satisfy any Hong fan and annoy any Hong detractor. This includes your redheads, your strippers, anyone named Tiffany and hair dressers, he says.

How to find a girlfriend the right way. The Hot axis is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, while the Crazy axis runs from 4. This feature is not available right now. You can stay here indefinitely, he adds.

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